About Us

The Committee born by the will of the Municipal Administration of Bassano del Grappa in 2007

to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Battle Standstill on the Monte Grappa Massif, has then

evolved and the current city Administration has extended its activity in order to keep the memory of

the events related to the Great War alive, and also to project it to the 2018 Centenary.

It’s an independent Committee, always direct emanation of the city Administration, that has

organized important events and that is working, in the base of the laboratory-archive made

available by the City of Bassano, also for an important work of cataloging and archiving of

thousands of documents and images related to the period 1914-1918.

Of great importance is also the initiative to that involves the schools in the area of Bassano

that, with the support of the Provincial Administration of Vicenza and the City of Bassano, has

awarded money grants to seven classes of different institutes. The Committee received over thirty

elaborates, with a really felt participation.

These cultural and memory activities obtained the High Auspices of the President of the Italian

Republic and also an unexpected Plaque of appreciation from the President Giorgio Napolitano.

Many other initiatives are in progress, sorting out gradually up to the Centenary Celebrations, while

Municipalities, Provinces and the Veneto Region are considering these activities with extreme

interest, involving more and more the Historical Celebrations Committee in the Name of the

Grappa 1918-2018 as actual reference point of the sector.